Media Services

Our media team has over 65 cumulative years of experience. Ongoing development of negotiation skills is a part of our agency’s success, allowing team members to plan and deliver the best possible prices to our clients. Each buyer is an expert in the state of the radio media landscape. Their industry knowledge ensures they know if a particular media owner is likely to offer the best short-term deals. Longer-term relationships also mean that they get offered premium opportunities. In addition, our media buyers understand the evolution of the radio business; this means knowing when a new audio technology or platform has reached a critical level of penetration of a target market and will be of benefit to a particular client.

We don’t pre-buy media. Instead, we make purchases entirely based on the needs of our clients, and we’ll never waste your money on stations that don’t perform. Our buyers spend every media dollar as if it was their own, and all media decisions are rationalized with hard data to support schedules purchased. We will never rope you into a monthly purchase commitment; typically, ours is a week-to-week model, allowing for the most profitable decisions for your company.

SMI has a broad reach with local, national and satellite channels. We built the company with relationships with local and national outlets, and as the needs of our clients grew, our relationships broadened to reach more consumers. We work very closely with SiriusXM and all of their commercial channels. Streaming and web-based radio (i.e. Pandora & Spotify) has allowed us to target specific geographies with great results.

No other medium - electronic or otherwise - can claim as many weekly consumers as radio does. [Even with the] onslaught of competing entertainment...the average radio consumer spends more than 19 hours listening to the radio every week.
Radio Today, 2006