Attribution analysis

In a landscape where consumers are constantly inundated with media and messaging from a growing number of outlets, one of the most important factors in any advertising campaign is attribution.

We know that the consumer experience is not linear in today’s multimedia environment, especially for Audio advertising.  SMI has data-driven solutions in place to measure top, middle and bottom of funnel response for our Clients.  We work with various tracking solutions to measure both the directly attributable and broadly attributable impact of advertising and employ multi-touch attribution (MTA) models when appropriate for our Clients.

Dashboard reporting

Clients tell us again and again—one of the best parts of working with SMI is the transparency of data and dollars. When you launch a radio campaign with us, you get daily customized reports showing you exactly where all of your media dollars are going, what markets and formats your leads are coming from, and how your leads are converting. We closely monitor daily results, and at the end of each cycle, our buyers and analysts conduct a more thorough review of performance, and make strategic recommendations on how to best continue growing your campaign.

Tracking Pixels

We work with leading third-party pixel providers to track listener interaction on streaming and podcast media with incredible detail.  We’ve pushed our partners to keep pixel attribution accountable and measure cross-device activity accurately. With the data we obtain we are able to help our clients make more informed decisions about factors such as audience targeting and creatives. All of the data we gather on demographics, locations, devices, creatives, and station breakdowns are then shared with our clients in their dashboards to provide actionable insights.


Given the complexity of attribution, we often employ multipliers for our clients’ campaigns to report on macro performance. These multipliers are data-driven and, depending on our clients’ tracking methods, take into account lift in direct and search traffic to the site, “How did you hear about us?” survey responses, performance as tracked by pixeled media, or a combination of the three. We’ve found that these multipliers reflect both the life stage of the brand and the frequency of their media schedules. Higher frequency schedules and well-known brands generate more indirect traffic and therefore higher multipliers. With these multipliers, we are able to provide clients with a clearer picture of the full impact of their campaigns.

Alex Foster

Senior Media Analyst 

Ever had an “Ah Ha” moment? When confusing, murky, nearly impenetrable information suddenly becomes crystal clear? When you understand everything? Those are the moments Alex gives our clients. He collects massive amounts of data to determine patterns and trends in a client’s advertising campaign. He analyzes every aspect until he knows precisely what’s driving response, and exactly what needs to happen to excite an even better response. A glass of clarity all round. Where does he get his gift? Well, he visits a lot of mountain tops, where gurus are thought to live. Though he usually turns around and skis right back down. He communes with nature every chance he gets as a kayaker, camper, hiker, runner…you name it. And he’s not averse to sipping a little inspiration from a good IPA. Maybe we’ll never know where his genius comes from. But if your ad campaign seems a little “Ho Hum”, call Alex for an “Ah Ha” moment. He makes it all better.

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Our direct response model is based on tracking every lead with clear, concise data. Data transparency and open communication offer our clients a precise look at how their ad dollars are working for them, and we don’t consider ourselves successful until our clients reach their goals.

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