Client Services Team

Vanessa Verrillo

Senior Account Manager, Client Services

What drives Vanessa? Don’t ask. Just enjoy the benefits. I mean the girl is set on “Go”.  She beats everyone to the office. She knows healthy diets better than most nutritionists. She’s running, she’s lifting, she’s working out, she’s e-mailing, and a dozen other things and always she’s 110%. She loves spending time with her husband, their son and their pup. Vanessa can ski through powder or slalom through social media like a pro, and is an absolute hoot to be around.  When she first started working at SMI, she woke up at 2:00 am on weekends to do an early morning radio show. That’s the type of energy she puts into her career.  As a Client Services lead, Vanessa helps our advertisers reach their full potential with Radio. She’s the liaison between clients and internal teams, facilitating, organizing, planning and optimizing campaigns. She only stops for a photo op, click, then she’s off again! With Vanessa’s help, clients looking for the most profitable audio channels find their perfect match.

Move The Needle

Our direct response model is based on tracking every lead with clear, concise data. Data transparency and open communication offer our clients a precise look at how their ad dollars are working for them, and we don’t consider ourselves successful until our clients reach their goals.