After focusing on TV and digital for years, eHarmony tapped SMI to add radio to their marketing mix. Using SMI’s cost-effective national strategy and promo code attribution, radio quickly proved its worth as one of eHarmony’s leading offline channels.

The go-to site for millions of business owners worldwide looking to promote themselves professionally. Vistaprint offers customized marketing materials and printed products for business or personal use to fit any budget, style and occasion. These include business cards, postcards, flyers, T-shirts – to name just a few – as well as postcard mailing and website services. And everything is 100% guaranteed. Every time. Any reason.

Since 2011, SMI has helped this gifting brand drive seasonal business with top-notch creative and optimized media exposure.

Our focus on testing and tracking results helped this fantasy sports startup secure tens of millions in funding, triggering exponential growth for the company.


With SMI’s help, Hubble Contacts harnessed the power of mobile marketing. Our drive-to-text calls to action provided accurate trackability for leads and conversion, and offered an established platform for remarketing to customers.

GenNext Brands came to SMI to build brand awareness and lead volume for Reis and Irvy’s FroYo franchise. By utilizing network and satellite radio and carefully honing creative messaging, we’ve generated qualified new franchisees nationwide.

In a 10+ year agency-client relationship that’s almost unheard of in the advertising industry, we’re still optimizing radio and connecting customers to BOY’s investment solutions.