creative Team

Payne Ratner


Payne danced for a season with the Bolshoi Ballet. He trained rhinos to serve ice cream cones and sherry and do house work in Africa. He once crossed the Sahara Desert on a pogo stick. He worked as a tongue twister tester in Tweezer, Texas until an injury forthed him to quit. He can recite, word for word, the Merck Manual in seven languages. He once took out his own appendix then changed his mind and put it back. For thirty years he’s written award winning TV and radio ads that increase sales for clients. Which one of these is true? Guess.

Liz Iversen


Like all great writers Liz is everywhere and nowhere. She enters a character and disappears–becomes a boy, a young woman, a middle aged man—and each one is real and sympathetic. She moves just as easily between styles. Just look at her varied publications. Witty reviews for SF Weekly. Deeply personal essays for Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Redbook. War-themed fiction in literary magazines. This talent serves her well as a copywriter. Liz dives deeply into the brand and finds every vital piece of information, recreates each client’s unique brand voice, and crafts that voice to speak to the listener in a powerful and persuasive way. She’s lived in in the Philippines, England, South Dakota, Missouri, California—and now Maine, where she is an amazing wife and mother. Though she can write in many voices and disappear in her work, her presence in the office is distinct: Funny, kind, genuine, and exceptionally caring.

Lewis Gillies

Audio Production Engineer

Lewis Gillies is an experienced audio engineer and producer. He brings over ten years of live audio, studio recording, and producing experience to create the most effective and attractive ads for your company. But Lewis is so much more than just a pair of highly trained ears. He is an Artist by nature, and has an eye for the creative, producing not only spoken word and music recordings, but he also creates complete works of art from the conceptual to physical by his exceptional storytelling and graphic design skills. With Lewis on your team you can rest assured that your narrative will come alive as if you were talking directly to your target audience in their car, or wherever they are when they hear your ad.

Move The Needle

Our direct response model is based on tracking every lead with clear, concise data. Data transparency and open communication offer our clients a precise look at how their ad dollars are working for them, and we don’t consider ourselves successful until our clients reach their goals.