Leadership Team

Jeff Small

Founder & CEO

Jeff is SMI’s founder and CEO. He negotiates contracts, helps modify media strategies when needed, puts out fires. He oversees and is closely involved with all departments at SMI. He founded SMI 22 years ago and has worked hard to grow the business into what it is today – a leading audio agency with a team of experts at the helm. He is always looking for growth and learning opportunities with new and existing campaigns, and he spends countless hours networking and prospecting potential clients. He is extremely goal-oriented. A two-time Ironman finisher, he is deeply committed to the benefits of physical exercise. And he’s equally committed to deepening personal growth and character development (for himself and his employees). He pushes us to work hard, not only at our desks but in our lives, encouraging us to get outdoors, be active, donate to charity, and to make time for ourselves.

Christina Baeten

Vice President, Director of Client Services

When Christina calls, clients smile, sit back and relax. That’s because they know they’re in good hands. The best hands. Her fifteen plus years experience as Director of Client Services, her welcoming personality and great sense of humor make her a fantastic liaison between SMI’s various departments and the client. She recommends what is best for each client’s marketing budget, explains various audio channels, recaps historical performance, and shares cross-learnings from other campaigns. With her wealth of knowledge, she is always looking for new ways to grow a campaign and improve upon results. And she always finds them. When she’s not posted at her laptop from Key West, where she currently lives with her husband in the Coast Guard, you can find her traveling or hitting up a good restaurant or trivia night. She is also a loving mom to a “foster fail” dog named Alice, two cats and she’s a die-hard fan of Kenny Loggins. And if Kenny ever met her, no doubt he’d be a big fan of hers.

Bob Leonard

Director of Business Development

Who doesn’t love Bob? Charming, funny, a true people person. So naturally, Our Sales Guy Extraordinaire. But for Bob it’s really not about “sales”. He doesn’t think like that. As Director of Client Development, it’s all about helping people succeed. Can we do something to make life better for you? How can our company make your company more successful with radio and podcast advertising? If we can help, let’s be partners. It’s that approach that makes him so effective and loved by the clients he finds and brings in to our SMI family. And as if that isn’t enough, he has to wrangle the creative team, a wild, rowdy, untamed bunch for sure, which he does without one crack of a whip. What’s he do for fun? Pounds bags. And punches people. Not like that. In a boxing gym. With protective gear. He was the fastest swimmer in New England in the 35-40 year old bracket. Back when he was 35-40 years old. He’s a wonderful husband and father and a day-brightener for everyone in the office. 



If you’re a dollar, you’ll want to be on your best behavior around Rhonda. As the Accounting Manager at Strategic Media, she manages money the way a drill sergeant manages recruits at boot camp. Operating costs contained, financial matters managed, invoices paid. Check, check, check. Not one number dares step out of line. But to the three people she manages in her department, Rhonda is a cream puff. As sweet as they come. And talented. How else do you account for her three unique and incredibly accomplished children? Or the beautiful and elaborate, large-scale cross-stitch artwork she creates? And no one is better traveled. She’s been in nooks and crannies of countries few people even know exist. Where’s Waldo? Just ask Rhonda.

Heather Hansen

Media Director

Heather loves her work. She loves her life. She especially loves to laugh. In fact, she can laugh in almost forty different languages. But don’t be deceived by her joie de vivre. When it comes to work she’s all business. Her extensive knowledge, experience, logic, and no-nonsense planning in every campaign is the foundation of each client’s success. As the Media Director, her media expertise and knowledge guide her team of buyers through every aspect of a campaign. From superior strategy to flawless implementation to rate negotiations, results review, and more. She maintains great relationships with our top media vendors, which puts SMI’s clients in the best position for the top media placements at the lowest remnant rates. Around the office, if you hear someone humming the Jeopardy theme song you know she’s near. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and when she does, you’d do well to listen! No, not because she’s scary. Because she’s smart. And you don’t want to miss a word she has to say.

Ben Siegel

Information Systems Manager

Don’t get too close to Ben’s brain. If you do, you may have to put on a big, bulky suit like they wear inside nuclear reactors. Yeah, it’s a dynamo. It’s bright.  It’s powerful. It’s dazzling. As Information Systems Manager, Ben leads our Data and Analytics team through a treacherous wilderness of man-eating data. The data is captured alive, domesticated and, to Ben, tells its most intimate secrets. He’s a tracking and reporting mastermind. A programming wizard. A computer engineering virtuoso, and no technical issue has ever gotten the better of him. But besides his busy mind, his actual hands have, uh, come in handy at home. He’s always busy building furniture (or furniture-type-things mortals won’t understand for years to come). He’s super witty and is always ready with a quick comeback or joke. And though his mind is miles above ours, he’ll often come down to earth on a snowboard, pour us a Tequila and make us feel all warm and smarter than we are.

Brooke Murray

Director of Strategic Growth

Brooke approaches her role as the Director of Strategic Growth with the same entrepreneurial spirit that once led her to start her own company. At SMI, she focuses primarily on attribution, strategy, and new business. She is on the forefront of innovation, always looking at new ways to measure growth and track response. She is a shrewd businesswoman, negotiating unbelievably low rates for our clients and paving the way for new and better opportunities. She drives results the way she drives a golf ball—straight to the goal. She does all this while working remotely from Georgia, where she lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband and young son.

Ronnie-Lynn Bell

Human Resources

Whatever problem arises, Ronnie’s there to save the day. She’s the Executive Assistant to our CEO, our HR expert, and sometimes travel agent! Need supplies? Knock, knock! She’s become the Office Manager. A lot of the time she’s the office mom. She takes care of everything and everyone. And like the best moms, she likes things neat and tidy. She’s also a Workout Warrior who knows the latest exercises. And if you have a sore muscle, she has a stretch to fix it. As far as moms go, Ronnie’s perfected hers to the Ultra Cool Mom level. She’s got style, class, and sophistication, and never misses an opportunity to crack a joke. She makes a mean spicy sausage dip, and she’s a super loving wife–and an actual, awesome mom- to her adorable son.

Move The Needle

Our direct response model is based on tracking every lead with clear, concise data. Data transparency and open communication offer our clients a precise look at how their ad dollars are working for them, and we don’t consider ourselves successful until our clients reach their goals.