2019 Radio Mercury Awards: High Concept, Low Response?

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SMI Staff

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Wednesday, May 08
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The Radio Mercury Awards has announced its 2019 finalists. The list includes an impressive array of audio ads ranging from somber to silly. Winners will be announced Thursday, June 6 at the Radio Mercury Awards in New York City, with Best of Show to take home $50,000.

A few standouts include the Kansas City Men’s Clinic’s “Sexy Soul/Back in the Bedroom,” Orkin’s “Home is Where the Bugs Aren’t,” and SafeAuto’s “Terrible Quotes Campaign.” These are some great ads, strong in both concept and execution.

But do they work?

Are the ads serving their purpose of driving listeners to make a purchase? Nobody knows, because without direct response, there is no tracking.

At Strategic Media the award we hope to receive is in the form of enthusiastic calls or e-mails from our clients as they grow their businesses with new customers driven through radio and podcast advertising.

Want to hear some ads that drove response? Check out Strategic Media, Inc.’s client list.

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