Advertisers Are Listening to Podcasts, Making Them Podcast Ad Buyers

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Liz Iversen

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Thursday, Mar 25
Smiling African American man wearing headphones and smiling at his phone.
Nearly two-thirds (63%) of advertisers listen to podcasts at least once a week, and 56% listen multiple times a week, according to the inaugural Podcast Advertising Report by Advertiser Perceptions. The same number of advertisers (56%) also say the pandemic has made podcast advertising more important.

SMI previously wrote about how the pandemic is podcasting’s “moment.” The new Advertiser Perceptions report brings further evidence to the case. As Inside Radio reported, “[T]he new research also confirms podcasting delivers some of the best scores for advertisers across a variety of key metrics, from improving brand awareness and recall, to boosting a brand’s favorability and making people more likely to consider buying a product they hear advertised.” Key findings include:  

  • 40% of advertisers said their brand shined brighter after being associated with a podcast. 
  • About a third said podcast advertising improves their brand’s awareness and recall among consumers. 
  • 27% report podcast ads improve their brand buying consideration scores, on par with TV. 
  • One in five say they see a direct link between podcast advertising and increased sales.

If you’re not currently advertising on podcasts, what are you waiting for? Find out how your brand can join some of the nation’s top advertisers taking part in “podcasting’s moment”. For help creating original content for podcasts and placing strategic media buys, contact SMI today.

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