Agency Woes or Marketing Opportunities?

Written By

SMI Staff

Published On

Thursday, Aug 24

The front page of the August 24th WSJ states “Ad Industry Woes Deepen” . There are numerous reasons some of the world’s largest agencies are feeling the pinch of the slowdown in global ad spend, but a recurring theme is the effectiveness of digital advertising and more importantly, transparency. Transparency boils down to one thing, Trust. 
Here at Strategic Media we are not feeling the woes, nor are our clients.  We’ve built on our business using the wide, yet targeted power of radio and always with a model that offers our clients full transparency.  As consumer engagement has evolved, so have we, reaching all audio platforms including terrestrial, satellite, digital and podcasts.  We work together, with our clients, to track and monitor station level performance using media software and attribution models that keep us accountable for the creative and buying Strategic Media manages.
Nielsen Audio just released a new report touting the resilience and power of the medium we support.  In an ever changing advertising landscape, radio stands the test of time.  If you’re looking for guidance, direction and increased profits for your product or service visit our site.  See and hear why we’re the leading Brand and Direct Response Radio Agency. 

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