AM/FM Radio Ads Boost App Downloads

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Payne Ratner

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Wednesday, Feb 14
Person holding cellphone downloading an app.
In an effort to increase app downloads, Audacy recently launched a multi-media audio campaign across broadcast radio, digital streaming platforms, and podcasts. The campaign was hugely successful, driving 1.4 million app downloads. 

To determine which audio channel drove the most app downloads, Audacy partnered with data analytics firm Redbird. Their study found a clear winner: Broadcast radio. 

Broadcast radio generated the most downloads and achieved the best return on ad spend. “This channel proved to be the most effective and cost-efficient, driving 3.6 downloads for every $100 spent on advertising,” as Radio Ink reported. 


At SMI, we frequently use audio to drive app downloads. “Nearly every client we work with has an app to engage with their customers,” said Brooke Murray, Director of Strategic Growth. “For our clients who leverage their app for customer acquisition efforts, we have been very successful in achieving their KPI targets.” 

We have also found that other audio channels—not just broadcast radio—have successfully driven app downloads. And while a multi-channel audio approach can be helpful, it is not necessary to reach consumers on more than one audio medium for a campaign to achieve its goals.

“We don’t need to hit folks from every angle possible (ie. Radio, Streaming, SXM, Podcast) in order to achieve success,” said Murray. “One of our current clients is an example of that. They include their app in their customer acquisition funnel. We’re only running host-read podcast and their results are beating all of the KPI targets. Their success depended on finding the right target shows, executing the proper creative messaging through host endorsements, and having measurement in place to know how to react and optimize.” 


Do you want to drive app downloads through the proven medium of audio? Contact SMI today.

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