AM/FM Radio Grows Sales +11% for a National Office Supplies Retailer

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Liz Iversen

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Wednesday, May 18
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In today’s economy, is AM/FM radio still an effective means of generating sales for retailers? A recent Nielsen study for a national office supply retailer set out to quantify the impact of AM/FM radio advertising. By matching consumers’ exposure to ads with their purchases, the Nielsen sales effect study set out to answer four key questions about the impact of marketers’ radio investment:

  1. What was the increase in spend per buying household?
  2. Did I grow my customer base?
  3. What was my total sales growth?
  4. Did the sales growth translate into revenue share increase within my category?


The study of 80,000 respondents found that the AM/FM radio campaign increased customer growth, total spend, and share of category for the national office supplies retailer. Exposure to the retailer’s radio campaign:

  • Drove a +6% lift in household buyer penetration among new shoppers,
  • Drove an +11% lift in total spend,
  • Drove strong back to school impact among households with children, 
  • And drove a +21% lift in share of category. 


“When you’re thinking of growing your business and causing a significant impact, know that AM/FM really specializes in getting large groups of people to act,” says Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer at Cumulus | Westwood One. “A lot of heavy, heavy analysis that has been conducted on marketing effectiveness says that the number one driver in terms of media factors for sales effect is reach.” And AM/FM radio is America’s #1 mass reach medium, according to Nielsen. 


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