AM/FM Radio Is #1 Ad-Supported Audio Source

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Liz Iversen

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Friday, Mar 31
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How are listeners age 13+ in the U.S. spending their daily, ad-supported audio time? The answer may surprise you.

According to Edison Research’s Share of Ear report, 59% of daily, ad-supported audio time among U.S. audio listeners 13+ is spent with AM/FM radio. These listeners are spending more time with AM/FM radio than with all other ad-supported audio sources combined, including YouTube, podcasts, and ad-supported streaming services. 


Time spent with AM/FM radio among people of all ages breaks down as follows: Gen Z audiences spend 33% of their daily ad-supported audio time with AM/FM radio. Americans aged 25-54 spend over half of their daily audio time (55%) with AM/FM radio, and Americans 55+ spend the vast majority (78%) of their ad-supported audio time with AM/FM radio.


Listeners age 18+ spend more than twice the amount of their daily audio time with AM/FM radio than with streaming audio (including both ad-supported and non-ad-supported streaming services). When AM/FM radio consumption is compared to only ad-supported streaming audio, that difference is even greater. U.S. adults spend more than five times the amount of daily audio consumption with AM/FM radio (85%) than they do with ad-supported streaming audio (15%).


That time spent with radio means great results for radio advertisers. Christina Baeten, Director of Client Services at SMI, said, “Two of our clients are ranked in the top 5 of the top 100 radio advertisers this year so far. AM/FM radio works to efficiently drive new customers regardless of the changing audio landscape.” 


Listeners of all ages are spending their ad-supported audio time every day with radio. Are you ready to reach them? Advertise on America’s #1 ad-supported audio source. Contact SMI today.


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