Babbel Starts Q3 as Radio’s Number One Advertiser

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Tuesday, Jul 14

The language learning app, Babbel, has displaced Home Depot to become the nation’s top radio advertiser. Babbel’s success is especially good news for Strategic Media, Inc., who has been Babbel’s audio advertising agency since 2018.

In April 2020, when many advertisers paused or scaled back their campaigns due to the coronavirus, Babbel ramped up its radio advertising efforts. Offering an educational at-home activity for both adults and young people, Babbel saw the market’s need for its product amid coronavirus lockdowns, seized the opportunity, and it paid off.

“Radio has been a good performer for Babbel, and the channel rose to the top in terms of exceeding KPIs at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Americans are spending more time at home and finding new, enriching hobbies in place of those that are less safe to practice now,” said Christina Baeten, SMI’s Director of Client Services. 

Because Babbel is a performance-driven advertiser, their #1 position is not simply a push to gain share of voice or increase brand awareness. Rather, it exemplifies the great results they are seeing.

According to Baeten, “Babbel’s success with radio can be attributed to following some of the basic principles of Direct Response: 1) Having a strong offer (you can try it for free!), 2) Targeting efficient/low CPM media, and 3) Being in front of audiences when demand turns up. The fourth is the ability to be nimble and respond quickly to audience demand, last minute media deals, and positive results trends – all of which radio affords advertisers.”

As Babbel’s partner audio advertising agency, Strategic Media, Inc. is proud of our success with Babbel.

“Babbel is a language learning app that has excelled at a time when so many companies have struggled. We are proud to be their partner agency, leveraging the power of audio advertising and helping them to the #1 spot last week among many radio giants,” said CEO Jeff Small.

Congratulations, Babbel!

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