Biased Against Radio? It Could Be Harming Your Business

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Tuesday, Aug 18
Radio may be the best-kept secret in marketing. According to the latest Audio Pulse survey, reach is an important factor in 99% of brands’ media strategy, but only a third of marketers know that radio is the medium with the number one reach.

Eighty percent of marketers surveyed said their brand needed to figure out what to do with audio to address the growing adoption of voice-activated devices. But nearly two-thirds of marketers said they are only “somewhat” or “not enough” in the know about all that broadcast radio platforms have to offer. When radio reaches 92% of Americans each week, why don’t marketers keep up with the many ways audio can boost their brand? 

According to the survey, a majority of marketers think the quality of radio creative is not as good as with other media. And there is reason behind this. We’ve all heard the radio ad that is poorly scripted, poorly produced, or poorly acted. But when audio creative is done well—when it is crafted by professionals to be clear, direct, and relatable, and it then reaches its target audience—audio ads get results.

Utilizing the power of radio’s reach, SMI has helped leading national and international brands to surpass their marketing goals. Our skilled creative team consists of award-winning writers and professional musicians who understand how to harness the strengths of audio to create ads that work. Ads that would make even a skeptical marketer think, Now that’s a great ad. Ads that would motivate the listener to make a purchase.

When marketers make decisions based not on bias, but on research and data, and when they advertise on the medium that reaches more Americans than any other, the results can be eye-opening.  

To get the most out of their marketing strategy, advertisers must first overcome their bias against radio, accepting that research may yield greater results than marketing intuition when it comes to campaign strategy. 

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