Big Ad Agencies Lag Behind SMI in Data Acquisition

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SMI Staff

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Monday, Jul 01
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“Data is the new oil,” said the Wall Street Journal in a recent article titled “Big Ad Agencies Hope to Gain Edge by Buying Data Companies.” According to the article, advertisers are “demanding more proof that the spots they buy are paying off,” and as a result, ad-agency holding companies are purchasing data-driven marketing businesses that they hope can “collect, analyze, and leverage information about their clients’ customers.” 

That advertisers are interested in this data is not news to Strategic Media, Inc. We have known for almost 20 years that marketers want proof that their ads are working, and we’ve been delivering it as part of our service. 

SMI has spent millions of dollars developing our analytics. We provide our clients customized daily reports and dashboard reporting that offers real-time access to their media and the performance of that media. Our clients can pinpoint exactly where all of their media dollars are going, what markets and radio formats their leads are coming from, and how their leads are converting. We closely monitor daily results, and at the end of each cycle, our buyers and analysts present to each client a thorough review of campaign performance, including strategies for how to best continue growing their campaign.

Utilizing station demographics like age and income, and 20 years of data gathered from hundreds of campaigns, we can predict which stations will be the most profitable for certain products. When new clients sign on, no matter what their product or service, our data and experience guarantee that, when they begin a campaign with SMI, they will already be ahead of the game.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for gaining insight into the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, contact Strategic Media, Inc. today.

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