Casting the Right Voice for Your Radio Commercials

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SMI Staff

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Thursday, Mar 13

As a radio agency with over ten years of experience in direct response radio advertising, we’ve certainly produced our fair share of radio commercials. One of the key things we’ve learned along the way is that great radio ads – meaning those that are effective at driving response – feature voiceover talents who are without a doubt emotionally “connected” to the copy. A voice over talent with conviction and confidence in their delivery can help turn great copy into an irresistible spot.

How does one cast a voice talent for a radio ad who can authentically connect with the copy? When casting a radio advertisement, it’s extremely important to fully understand the overall tone you are trying to achieve, so that you can find the right voice talent to create what you’re envisioning – with confidence and conviction.

Even when the radio spot is centered on a simple message and straight forward read (which is often the case with direct response radio ads), the voice talent must inject a sense of “feeling” into the ad. Therefore, the most crucial step in casting the right voice for your radio commercials is to really understand what feeling or tone you’re looking to create for listeners. Are you creating excitement? A sense of urgency? Nostalgia? Happiness? There are many emotions that a radio ad can evoke. When casting a voice for your radio commercial, remember to first understand which tone or emotion you believe will drive the most response – then move on to casting your radio commercials from there. 

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