Christmas Is on the Air

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Liz Iversen

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Thursday, Nov 04
A christmas ornament in the shape of a radio or boom box hanging on the Christmas tree.
Radio stations across the country have begun transitioning to an all-Christmas format.

According to Inside Radio, Cumulus Media’s WWIZ Youngstown, OH (103.9) has been playing Christmas music since Oct. 1. Five weeks later, the number of all-Christmas stations has reached double digits.

For advertisers, the shift to holiday music is one to be aware of and prepared for. According to Bob Leonard, Director of Client Development at Strategic Media, Inc., when stations switch their format to Christmas music, the number of listeners on those stations increase. 

Pam Wolfgram, Senior Media Buyer at SMI, agrees. “Christmas is a great time for advertisers to be opportunistic!” Wolfgram said. “Listenership on stations that flip to Holiday programming increases dramatically. Of course, demand for the time drives rates up as well, so in general, we see CPMs remaining somewhat flat. However, if you’re trying to reach a purchasing audience, you’ll find one on Holiday stations when they are in the purchasing spirit, and that quality of customer adds value that isn’t reflected in the CPM. It’s kind of like Daily Fantasy Sports advertising on Sports stations during NFL – you’re finding your niche and it’s worth paying for.”

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