Don’t Want Consumers to Ignore Your Ads? Advertise on Radio.

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Liz Iversen

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Wednesday, Mar 02
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Of the various advertising mediums, AM/FM radio ads are the least likely to be tuned out or avoided by consumer, according to a MARU/Matchbox study by Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights. Over a third of more than 15,000 respondents aged 13+ said they never avoid or tune out radio ads, or that they do so less than half the time. 

When all media categories were ranked by listener attentiveness, audio held four of the five top performing slots. “Of all media, AM/FM radio ads are number one for being noticed and holding attention,” said Cumulus Media Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard on Westwood One’s “Everyone’s Listening” blog. Second to AM/FM radio came print newspaper/magazines, followed by podcasts, streamed AM/FM stations, and free online music stations.

The study found that consumers are far more likely to skip ads on social media and digital platforms like online video and pop-up ads. “Advertising works so much better in AM/FM radio and podcasts because consumers use them to learn, to be connected, and to get information,” Bouvard said.

Consumer attentiveness is an important element of a successful advertising campaign—as is great creative. Combining the two with the help of a great audio advertising agency may be the key to achieving more with your brand.

Ready to advertise on audio? Contact SMI today to get you brand’s message on broadcast, streaming, or satellite radio as well as podcasts.

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