Driving Response with Effective Calls to Action

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SMI Staff

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Tuesday, Feb 12
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When it comes to direct to consumer advertising, strong creative shouldn’t just leave a lasting impression; it should propel its audience toward a purchase with a purposeful call to action.

A CTA tells the consumer what to do next, and why. They’ve heard the ad, they’re interested in the product or service, but why should they act now?

A compelling special offer gives listeners a reason to follow a response channel—a website to visit or a number to text or call. Be sure to state the URL or phone number and promo code clearly, repeat it for ease of recall, and remind listeners of the offer they will receive. A great CTA will do each of those things while engaging the listener in an impactful way.

Strategic Media, Inc. has seen success with every response channel. The decision to drive consumers to phone, text or web is one that is carefully determined after analyzing both the demographic and the nature of the product. A younger demo, for instance, may be more comfortable texting. But if the product requires visuals to be understood, driving to web might be the best choice.

An added benefit of direct response channels is that they enable consumer response tracking. By employing specific promo codes or vanity URLs for radio campaigns, we can track the number of customers who were directed to the product or service through radio. Utilizing metrics such as cost per lead (CPL) and cost per order (CPO), we can determine the most effective strategy for each of our campaigns.

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