From Digital Prowess to Offline Expertise

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SMI Staff

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Monday, Jul 18

You’ve done it. You’ve done a fantastic job developing an online marketing strategy that has become the backbone of your business. You know what your “cost per click” results need to be. You know what your conversion rate is on those leads. You may even know what it is about your banner ad that makes people go to your web page in the first place.

But it’s not enough, is it? You need new customers. Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to reach their target demo and maybe you’ve decided it’s time to step into some uncharted offline waters. Like radio.

As you start to look at different radio options, you may have heard the saying, “You (or your team) may know just enough to be dangerous.” We hate that phrase. We’d rather say that you know just enough to be extremely helpful (We know, it doesn’t flow as well but it gets the point across). Here at Strategic Media we find ourselves working more and more with companies that are digital marketing experts but have limited exposure to offline channels. That’s where we come in.

At SMI, we view ourselves as partners with the companies with whom we work.  We help build a new profitable customer acquisition channel, but also provide our clients with thorough rationale to the entire process, from planning a test, to strategy, creative development and production, through rolling out your plan.  In doing so, we can help you be more than dangerous—you can become very educated within a medium you’re investing time, energy and capital. 

Marketers trying to navigate offline channels can use many of the same principles they use for their online campaigns.  But they need a different execution of their media plan and different analysis of their results. Let us provide you with the key insights into those differences so you know all the specifics needed to grow a successful radio campaign. 

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