In-Car Radio Listeners Tune in Despite COVID-19

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Thursday, Apr 23

Stay-at-home orders have disrupted commutes, raising concern that radio listeners are no longer tuning in. But in-car listening is not as disrupted as you might think. Nearly half of radio listeners who normally work outside the home (47%) are still commuting to work. And that number is even higher (60%) among heavy radio listeners.

The findings (from a survey of 1,154 listeners conducted March 31 – April 8 by Westwood One) are consistent with the results of a previous survey conducted by Jacobs Media in association with the Radio Advertising Bureau. According to InsideRadio, Jacobs Media and the RAB found that “in early April, three weeks into the pandemic, radio listening appeared to be consistent with pre-COVID levels.”

When asked which platform they were using “a lot” to listen to their “home station”, 39% of Jacobs Media/RAB respondents said they use a regular radio in the car, and 22% reported using a regular radio at home. Twenty percent said they were listening “a lot” by streaming the station’s website, 19% by streaming on the station’s mobile app, and 15% said they were using a regular radio while working outside of the home.

With broadcast radio available on multiple devices, listeners have numerous options for tuning in to their preferred radio stations. And though some listeners’ habits have adapted in response to their new routines, many radio listeners’ habits remain unchanged—along with their daily commutes to and from work.

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