In-Car Radio “Very Important” to Most Millennials

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Liz Iversen

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Thursday, Apr 08
Close up of a car radio system. The image is slightly blurry with red lights.
A new Caravan survey from Engine Insights found 91% of vehicle owners believe it is important to have radio in their dashboard, and 72% say it is indispensable or very important. Of those who consider radio indispensable in their dashboard, 78% were Millennials.

“We were particularly struck by some of the demographic data: for example, that Millennials value radio in the dashboard so highly, with 78 percent saying it is indispensable and that households with children are most likely to find their vehicle more important today (and to view it as a place of refuge). Also, that these demos, along with Gen Z, are the most likely to place greater importance on dashboard entertainment/information today, versus pre-COVID,” said Eric Corliss, Manager, ENGINE Insights.

Other findings from the survey include:

  • 91% of Gen Z and 89% of Millennial car owners say it is important for their in-vehicle dashboard entertainment to be personalized to their particular tastes and interests, compared to Gen X (81%) or Baby Boomers (70%). 
  • 79% feel it is very important that listening choices in their vehicle are free (radio/podcasts/etc.) as opposed to subscription based. 
  • 58% mainly listen to their pre-programmed radio stations because the clutter of content choices is too difficult to sift through.

“Given how highly Millennials value today’s radio, its relevance to the vehicle dashboard is confirmed for decades to come,” Xperi Connected Car General Manager Jeff Jury said. Want to reach Millennials through radio? To find out how to get your brand’s commercial on the radio or podcasts, contact SMI today. 

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