Increase Ad Frequency for Greater Engagement

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Liz Iversen

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Thursday, Jul 28
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Want proof that audio advertising works? Here it is.

A new study conducted by Alter Agents in partnership with Audacy and Spark Foundry found that ad engagement increases with each audio exposure, and it does so across industry categories, audio platforms, and genres. The study measured respondents’ neurological responses to audio clips through physiological cues, such as variations in heart rate rhythm. These variations measure listeners’ unconscious reactions to stimuli, thereby revealing brain reactions to content in real-time, according to the companies. Each ad in the study received an Immersion Score. The study found that frequency drove both higher immersion and higher purchase intent. As Inside Radio reported, one of the study’s key takeaways was that “exposing audiences to audio messages consistently offers major benefits in brand equity and sales.


“For those of us who work in the audio industry, the importance of frequency in order to yield strong engagement and consumer action isn’t a new concept,” said Emily Cashman, Client Services Account Manager at SMI. “We have seen our clients benefit from it hundreds of times over. Strong messaging paired with strategic placement and frequent airings drive purchase intent. Our data proves that. And here is the science to back it up!”


Vanessa Verrillo, Senior Account Manager, Client Services, agreed. “This study reinforces the significant benefit audio offers through its high frequency schedules in that advertisers are able to expose listeners to their message multiple times, which helps build brand awareness, purchase intent, and ultimately drive new customer acquisitions. As an agency, on AM/FM radio for instance, one approach we’ve found to be very successful is to place cost-effective, high frequency schedules throughout various drive times during the day, so we are reaching a variety of listeners with the message several times. We often find that as schedules build frequency, response and conversions increase as well.”


Are you ready to use audio to engage audiences and drive purchase intent? Learn more about what broadcast, streaming, satellite radio, and podcasts can do for you. Contact SMI today.

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