Learnings From Tableau Conference Data #24

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Jeremy Glass

Published On

Wednesday, May 15
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Last week, SMI’s Data & Analytics Team flew out to San Diego to attend what is widely regarded as “the best data event of the year” – Tableau Conference 2024. Amongst a crowd of over 9900 data fanatics from 40+ countries, Information Systems Manager Ben Siegel, Senior Media Analyst Alex Foster, and Media Analyst Tim Bishop attended more than 100 breakout sessions, keynote speeches, and hands-on learning events to bolster SMI’s standing as an audio agency helmed by data experts. 

Here are some of the vital learnings and exciting innovations SMI’s Data & Analytics Team brought home from Tableau Conference 2024. 

Tim Bishop, Media Analyst

“One session called Design Dashboard for the Mind’s Eye highlighted the use of cognitive science to enhance dashboard design. This session reinforced our belief in the power of visualization. I gained valuable insights into leveraging UI and UX best practices for presenting data and optimizing dashboard performance, which will greatly benefit our work at SMI.”


Ben Siegel, Information Systems Manager 

“Tableau reinforced the notion that we are moving from an era of self-serve analytics to AI-based analytics. Tableau has that technology in the pipeline, but it’s important to remember you still need an analyst to structure data, add context, and guide artificial intelligence.” 


Alex Foster, Senior Media Analyst

“One of the newer features discussed at Tableau was Dynamic Zone Visibility, which ultimately helps the dashboard perform better and ensures you’re showing the right information to the right people. Dynamic Zone Visibility lets you hide or reveal certain data points to make presenting to clients easier.” 

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