Listeners Trust Local Radio, Study Finds

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Liz Iversen

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Thursday, Oct 06
Woman turning up the volume on the car radio.

Listeners trust the news they receive from local radio, according to an online survey among 2,000 weekly local news consumers conducted earlier this year. The Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA), in conjunction with Magid, found that over half (51%) of local radio listeners say they trust the news source “a lot.” 

This finding is good news for advertisers. “People trust local news. That’s why our clients have success. People feel better buying a product or service when hearing about it on a format they trust,” said Bob Leonard, Director of Client Development at Strategic Media, Inc.

The News Talk format is an invaluable format for both brand and direct response advertising campaigns. According to Heather Hansen, Media Director at SMI, “News Talk delivers a dedicated, engaged audience that listens to radio as a part of the their daily routine. The News Talk listenership is characterized as indexing high in household income and having higher disposable wealth. Additionally, although News Talk is the strongest format when targeting a more mature listenership, is it also a multi-generational format that is consistently employed in campaigns targeting Adults 35+.” 

News Talk has become a staple in SMI campaigns, whether we are targeting business leaders and executives, those with higher disposable incomes, or those 35+. The News talk format is known for its consistency in performance and is a go-to format for helping our clients realize the potential of their campaigns.

Are you ready to hear your brand on a medium listeners trust? Call SMI today to advertise on radio.

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