Strategic Media’s Liz Iversen Finalist for Maine Chapbook Series

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Bob Leonard

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Tuesday, Jan 05
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Want to know how to create a great radio ad? It’s actually very easy, find a great writer. I can guarantee you that you’ve heard a radio ad for one of Strategic Media’s clients. It may have been on the radio, or SiriusXM, or a streaming platform like Pandora or Spotify. It could have even been on a podcast. But it was written by us. Or, more specifically, by Liz and Payne.

Liz Iversen and Payne Ratner have co-written some of the most successful radio ads ever aired by Strategic Media, and we have the data to prove it. Our clients want to know that their campaigns are working, and the attributable data and reporting we provide shows it.

Our writers do more than write radio ads. Payne is a playwright whose plays have been produced in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Portland, Maine. And recently Liz was chosen as a finalist for the Maine Chapbook Series. Her submission was excerpted from her novel-in-progress – and now she has to finish it! Congrats Liz, we’re all very proud of you.

Want to learn more about Payne and liz? Click on this link to read a little about them.

And once you stop laughing at Payne’s bio, look at the rest of the SMI team and you’ll get a good idea about how much fun we have at SMI and how much fun Payne and Liz have writing team bios.

Strategic Media has been in business for 20 years and to this day our most popular blog post is the top 10 keys to writing great radio ads. Let’s just say our writers know what it takes to write a great audio ad, and they deliver.

To have your brand’s radio or podcast ad created by writing and audio experts, contact SMI today.

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