Looking to Convert New Customers? Choose Audio.

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Liz Iversen

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Monday, May 15
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In a new Commspoint Influence Study by Nielsen, Audacy looked at audio across radio, streaming audio, and podcasts and evaluated audio’s ability to drive awareness, consideration, and conversion. The results are published in Audacy’s “State of Audio” guide

According to the report, “Audio holds the title as the undisputed leader of brand-building channels—working its magic with the one-two punch of massive reach + beloved personalities. But if you’re thinking of Audio as just a top-of-funnel play—good for sparking a conversation but not driving conversion—think again.”

The study found that audio is “a multi-purpose platform” effective at driving the needle at every point in the funnel, from top to bottom. Survey panelists reported that at the upper funnel (the awareness stage), audio drove 49% to awareness. At mid-funnel (the consideration stage), audio drove 40% to consideration. And at the lower funnel (the conversion stage), audio drove 45% to a trial or purchase. 

Compared to other media channels, radio smashes its lower funnel conversion goals. putting audio way ahead of TV (44%), social media (38%), and video (26%).

Brooke Murray, our Director of Strategic Growth, wasn’t surprised to see the finding. “The impact audio has at bottom of funnel has been long established as a truth through rigorous measurement. Our performance-first clients have been obsessed with measuring ROAS for more than 20 years, with secondary goals of building awareness.”


Are you ready to reach new audiences at every point of their purchasing journey, from top-of-funnel to bottom? Contact SMI today to hear your brand on radio, streaming audio, and podcasts.

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