Move 1% of Ad Budget to Audio and Improve ROAS by 23%

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Tuesday, Jun 29
Man sitting in front of computer smiling at the camera with a thumbs up.
We recently wrote about how shifting your campaign’s television ad budget to radio can double your campaign’s reach for a quarter of your TV budget. Now, evidence shows that shifting a small amount of your ad budget to audio can substantially increase your return on ad spend.

As Inside Radio reports, a new study titled “The Audio Amplification: The Return on Ad Spend,” found that a 1.2% shift of media investment to audio would cause brands’ return on audio ad spend to improve by up to 23%. Conducted by Neustar and commissioned by Audacy, the study looked at 40 advertiser models among the auto, retail, financial service, and telecom categories. Results confirmed earlier research by Westwood One and others, showing that—in addition to dramatically improving a brand’s ROAS—audio also boosted the performance of TV ads, paid search, and online video advertising. Across categories, every dollar invested in audio was shown to have a 74% to 83% direct impact on incremental sales.

Want to drastically improve your brand’s return on ad spend? Contact SMI today to find out how a minor shift in budget to audio could yield impressive results for your brand. 

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