Want Music on Podcasts? You May Be in Luck

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Liz Iversen

Published On

Tuesday, Nov 03

You may soon be hearing a lot more copyrighted music on podcasts. The current process for playing music on podcasts is complicated and often expensive, as podcasters must first obtain permission from everyone who owns the music. But getting music onto podcasts may soon become a lot easier, thanks to the music monitoring service, Pex.

At the Podcast Movement Virtual conferencePex announced it has launched a new platform that will simplify the licensing process between music owners and podcasters by making music ownership information more transparent. Attribution Engine could allow for more easily negotiated terms while also providing “scale and consistency” to what is currently a complicated and fragmented licensing system, Inside Radio reports.

Bob Barbiere, Senior VP of Digital Rights at Pex, said a group of advisors is drafting the first podcast market licenses. “They will be foundational to building the podcast industry on, such that any creator could use almost any music real-time and not have the fear [their show] will be taken down.” Barbiere expects the music licensing feature to start becoming available in early 2021.

Pex estimates that 17% of all podcasts contain music, but the vast majority of shows feature none because there is not an easy way for podcasters to legally license music. As a system develops to simplify this process, a rise in music-centric podcasts may be another way in which the podcast medium continues to expand.

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