New B2B Podcast Network Expands Possibilities for Advertisers

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Liz Iversen

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Wednesday, May 03
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A new business-to-business podcast network created by iHeartMedia is offering greater opportunity for podcast advertisers. The B2B Podcast Network “will collect marketing and advertising podcasts under one umbrella, which iHeart says will keep executives up to date with industry trends, and make it easier for brands to use audio to reach a large addressable audience of media executives,” Inside Radio reports.


I spoke with SMI’s Podcast Strategist Lisa Risk and Director of Client Services Christina Baeten on the potential effects that the new podcast network could have on advertisers.

“I love the idea of showing people why they should advertise on podcasting by having them listen to a podcast about the benefits of advertising on podcasts. It’s like we’ve come full circle,” said Risk, who envisions that these podcasts will help advertisers stay up to date on the podcast landscape. “As an agency, we at SMI are constantly reading articles and studies, attending conferences, and otherwise educating ourselves in our field,” said Risk. “Adding educational, industry-focused podcasts as another opportunity to learn and grow is an exciting concept.”

The network could also be a great place for some B2B marketers to get in front of their target demographic, according to Baeten. However, savvy podcast marketers know that performance isn’t as closely tied to relevant content for your target as most intuitively would think. “Assuming cost/CPMs are good it will be a place we’ll surely recommend our B2B clients test, but we won’t abandon what we know about finding fantastic performance in other podcast genres where the same audiences are getting their news and entertainment,” Baeten said.


The podcast industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and by packaging industry-related content in a single place, iHeartMedia’s B2B Podcast Network could offer huge benefits to both advertisers and industry professionals.

Are you ready to hear your brand on one of the fastest-growing mediums in advertising today? Contact SMI today to learn more about advertising on podcasts. 

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