Pets Find Homes Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Written By

SMI Staff

Published On

Monday, Mar 30

Is there any silver lining, anywhere, in the Covid-19 crisis? You can find one in an animal shelter.

Because right now stressed-out, home-bound Americans are turning to pets for comfort and relief. And those who don’t have pets are turning to animal shelters to adopt them. 

In New York City adoption and foster applications have increased 10-fold in the last two weeks alone, and Bloomberg reports animal shelters are actually experiencing a shortage of cats and dogs.

No wonder. In these difficult times pets lift our spirits, reduce anxiety and provide happiness. They give us a distraction when we’re sheltered in place, when we’re nervous and bored. They give us normal moments when we can forget an anxious world.

And now pets get something too. They get a home.

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