Podcast Advertising: Top Talking Points for Host Endorsements

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Tuesday, Mar 26
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In 2019, the podcast boom continues. As both the creation and consumption of podcasts rises, podcast advertising offers tremendous potential for advertisers. People are tuning in to the same podcasts each week, and many podcast hosts have loyal followings. As a result, endorsed ads by podcast hosts present a unique opportunity to appeal to podcast audiences through a trusted voice.

The ad-libbed nature of endorsed ads is not without its challenges. To make sure hosts are delivering strong messaging that will meet your marketing goals, it is important to provide them with well-crafted talking points. After years of testing in the podcast space, Strategic Media, Inc. has mastered the art of garnering host-read endorsements that will work for you and your brand. Here are some of our top tips for podcast talking points.

  1. Whenever possible, have the host talk about his/her personal experience with the product or service. A personal endorsement from a trusted podcast host adds credibility to the product or service. If the host does not have experience with the product itself, an alternative would be to speak on any experiences that demonstrate the need for the product or service. Bonus points if the host can relate it to podcast content.
  2. Reasons for purchasing the product. Does it make a great gift? Does it make the consumer’s life easier or better in some way? Make sure the host can speak on the benefits of the product (i.e. what the consumer will get out of it), not just the product’s features.
  3. Once you have piqued listeners’ interest with compelling reasons to believe, a risk-free offer may be the final push needed to convert a customer. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose!
  4. Ask the audience to support the show by supporting its sponsors. This will give consumers another reason to choose a particular brand of product over another.
  5. CTA. Last but definitely not least, craft a compelling call to action to be read verbatim. Include an appealing offer (like a discount or free trial) and a clear response channel (such as a number to text or a website to visit).

Host-endorsed podcast ads that both inform and entertain make for engaging, highly effective advertising, especially when hosts incorporate ads into the podcast content. These unique strengths make endorsed ads a solid choice for advertisers.

As a full-service audio advertising agency, SMI handles every aspect of podcast advertising: purchasing media; coordinating with podcast hosts and producers; spot-checking podcasts for quality control; and tracking and analyzing results. We take the reins for our clients to ensure the best chance of success.

If you’re thinking about incorporating podcast advertising into your media marketing mix, contact SMI to help you make the most of your advertising budget.

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