Podcast Audiences Larger and More Diverse Than Ever

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Liz Iversen

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Tuesday, Mar 16
Mixed race woman smiling in a yellow shirt as she hands you headphones.
Podcast listenership continues to rise. According to the annual Infinite Dial report from Edison Research and Triton Digital, the number of Americans who listen to podcasts on a weekly basis grew 17% in the past year. Approximately eighty million Americans, or 28% of Americans aged 12 and older, listen to a podcast each week. And 41%, or 116 million Americans, listen to podcasts monthly.

Podcast audiences are more diverse than ever (57% of monthly podcast listeners are white, 16% Latino, 13% African American, 4% Asian, and 10% of some other background). And listeners are spending a lot of time with podcasts. Weekly podcast listeners tune into five series per week, consuming an average of eight episodes per week. 20% listen to 11 or more shows in the past week, and 20% listen to 6-10 episodes. Only 1 in 10 surveyed said they listened to just one episode in the past week.

Other key findings from the Infinite Dial report include:

  • One-third (33%) of Americans 12+, approximately 94 million people, now own a smart speaker, an increase of 22% from last year and nearly five times what it was in 2017 (7%). Of those who own a smart speaker, 34% have three or more of the devices in their household.  
  • Sixty-two percent of the U.S. 12+ population, around 176 million people, are now weekly online audio listeners, an all-time high for this category. 
  • 51% of those age 12+ “frequently” or “sometimes” listen to audio with other people, with this percentage rising to 69% among those age 12-34. 

Advertising on audio is a great way to reach diverse and rapidly expanding audiences. To get your brand’s message on podcasts or broadcast, streaming, or satellite radio, contact SMI today.

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