Podcast CPMs Rose in 2022, but SMI Finds Opportunity

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Liz Iversen

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Thursday, Jan 12
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The average CPM (cost per thousand) of a 60-second podcast ad rose 2% in 2022. Podcast CPMs for a 60-second spot were $23.87 in 2022, up from $23.30 in 2021, according to Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast.

With CPMs increasing, it is important for advertisers to work with an experienced audio agency like Strategic Media, Inc. to get the best return on your podcast ad spend. “Even as CPMs rise across the medium, we are able to leverage years of experience to find the best opportunities for our clients,” Lisa Risk, Podcast Strategist at SMI, said. “We are able to circumvent high CPMs by finding pockets of opportunity – be it in remnant avails or new shows that are on the upswing. We know where the lower CPMs can be found – often by negotiations and from our existing relationships with shows and podcast networks.”

AdvertiseCast found that the podcast genre with the highest CPMs in December was Technology at $27. Education came in second at $26, followed by Business at $25.

According to Risk, CPMs as an average are increasing – more so in certain genres. “True Crime is very popular and has high demand for advertisers. That is why many of the true crime shows have increased CPMs over the past year,” she said.

But higher CPMs do not necessarily mean advertisers should place their money elsewhere. “Some shows just work – likely due to the strong relationship between host and listeners,” Risk said. “Through years of testing and data, we know that there are shows that can withstand a higher CPM. And that’s OK as long as they are still driving results for our clients.”

“We’ve tested countless shows over the years,” Risk said. “We have cultivated a tried-and-true method that combines genre and listener demographics with frequency and ad copy testing. Leaning on our years of experience and data, we secure schedules that consistently yield measurable results for our clients.”


Are you ready to advertise on podcasts with an agency that can find opportunity despite rising podcast ad rates? Contact SMI today.

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