Podcast Gains In-Car Listenership

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Liz Iversen

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Wednesday, Mar 23
Young multiracial couple sitting in a car and fastening seat belts.
More and more people are listening to podcasts in the car. A new survey from NuVoodoo found that almost half (49%) of weekly podcast consumers regularly listen while driving. This tops the number of people who listen to podcasts while at work (40%), while doing household chores (36%), or on public transportation (25%).

According to the study, 55% of thirty-something Millennials listen in the car—the highest rate of the three age groups surveyed. Gen X came in second at 48%. Although Gen Zs were the least likely to listen to podcasts while driving, the number of those who do is still substantial (37)%.

More than half of the weekly audience for podcasts listens for at least 30 minutes a day. And nearly one-third of those listening weekly do so for an hour or more each day.


“Among weekly podcast listeners, 89% of Millennials, 85% of Gen Z, and 81% of Gen X listen to at least two different podcasts each week,NuVoodoo Co-founder Leigh Jacobs said in a report of the study’s findings. “And better than four in ten Millennial and Gen Z weekly podcast consumers spend time with four or more podcast titles in a given week.” 

Driving, exercising, and work were found to be the top podcast listening activities. According to the study, Millennials are nearly 50% more likely than Gen Z podcast consumers to listen while driving, and 45% more likely than Gen X listeners to listen to podcasts while working. Gen Xers were found to be the least likely to multitask while listening to podcasts: 37% of Gen Xers said they do nothing while listening to a podcast.

The weekly podcast audience is car audio tech-forward. They are more likely to drive a connected car than the overall survey sample, and they are more likely to connect their phone to the dashboard with a cord or Bluetooth.

NuVoodoo’s nationwide Q1 Digital Media Study was conducted on 3,298 respondents aged 14-54.


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