Podcast Listeners Take Action Based on Ads They Hear

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Liz Iversen

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Thursday, Feb 16
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Podcast advertising’s effectiveness has been proven yet again, this time with a new survey from Acast, which found 95% of U.S. podcast listeners have bought a product or researched a brand they heard mentioned on a podcast. Among frequent podcast listeners, that figure is even higher (97%). 

A majority of podcast listeners (68%) say they listen to podcast ads either all the time or more than half of the time, and 82% of podcast listeners agree that listening to ads is a way to support their favorite podcasters. 

According to Acast, the intimate relationship between podcasters and their listeners is largely responsible for podcast advertising’s effectiveness. While host-read ads are slightly more effective at propelling listeners to act, pre-recorded ads are nearly as effective.

As Inside Radio reports, “The survey found seven in ten people who heard a host-read checked out a brand’s social media, which is four points higher than for those who heard a traditional recorded ad. But generally the differences were just a point or two higher for host-reads across the other metrics, including looking at a brand’s website and talking to friends or family about the advertiser.”

For advertisers who want the effectiveness of podcast advertising at a lower cost than host-read ads, pre-recorded podcast ads may offer the best of both worlds.

According to SMI’s Podcast Strategist Lisa Risk, “Programmatic podcast schedules are a cost-effective way for brands to reach a more targeted audience. We recommend utilizing programmatic schedules in conjunction with host-read campaigns in order to maximize ROI. These dual-focused campaigns are able to combine the benefits of lower CPMs and increased targetability of programmatic with the authenticity of host read ads.”

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