Podcasts Expand Audio’s Engaged Audience

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SMI Staff

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Tuesday, Oct 30
Happy looking people listening with headphones.

Midroll has released their 2018 Podcast Listener Demographics Report, and the results align with years of data proving that—like its predecessor, radio—listeners engage with their chosen form of audio consumption. 

Podcast listeners are loyal to their favorite podcasts. Eighty-one percent of podcast listeners say they sometimes or always pay attention to podcast ads, and 60% of listeners have bought something from a podcast ad.

At Strategic Media, Inc., 20 years of research has shown that radio listeners are engaged too. We receive tens of thousands of responses from direct to consumer campaigns every week. Many of our clients have built their companies on the backs of radio advertising. We’ve helped build brands like Reis & Irvy’s, Shari’s Berries, and Vistaprint. And now our clients have discovered the power of podcasting to reach a whole new audience that—as this report illustrates—respond as well to advertising as the radio listeners we’ve known about over the years.

Our experience has proven that the most successful advertising campaigns combine all types of audio: terrestrial radio, satellite, streaming, and podcasting. If your current campaign isn’t doing all of these, contact SMI today.

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