Podcasts Reach 57 Million U.S. Adults Each Week

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Liz Iversen

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Thursday, Sep 23
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Just how many people do podcasts reach? According to a survey by MRI-Simmons, podcasts reach 23% of U.S. adults, or 57 million listeners, each week. 

The survey of 4,700 respondents found the typical podcast listener averages four programs weekly and spends an average of eight hours each week with podcasts. Eight million Americans are heavy listeners, tuning in for 16 hours per week across an average of 11 episodes. 

SMI previously reported that podcast listeners are young, educated, and wealthy, and MRI-Simmons’ findings align with Westwood One’s data. MRI-Simmons found that podcast listeners skew slightly male (61%), younger (median age of 39), affluent (median income of $101,000), and educated (57% Bachelor’s degree+). “This is really a desirable group,” said MRI Simmons VP of Consumer Insights Jillian Andersen in a recent webinar. “They’re young, they’re male, they’re single, they’re affluent.” 

“Podcast listeners are heavy on internet, social media and radio,” said Andersen. They are less likely to watch TV and more likely to subscribe to Netflix or Hulu.

Podcast listeners are also highly engaged with podcast hosts and content. MRI-Simmons found that 78% of respondents feel close to the hosts of the podcasts they listen to. And 75% said they frequently discuss what they heard on an episode. 

According to Andersen, listeners of podcasts are more likely to become aware of new products and services from ads on podcasts. They find the information about new products and services useful and relevant to them. They’re more likely to buy products and services they hear about on podcasts, and they trust podcast advertising more than ads on other media. “Really, this is an ideal group for advertising,” said Andersen.

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