Radio Advertising Expected to Double This Summer

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Liz Iversen

Published On

Thursday, Apr 30

As states begin easing social distancing restrictions and business operations return to normal, advertisers that have scaled back their efforts will also be looking to return to marketing as usual. As InsideRadio reports, the return to “normal” marketing is expected to occur in three distinct phases. The third phase, predicted to occur this summer, will be marked by a “doubling” of the use of radio by marketers, said Gordon Borrell, CEO of the media research firm Borrell Associates.

Borrell anticipates a “Grand Reopening” marked by a mad dash of marketers vying for pent-up consumer demand. “There is going to be a frenzy as everybody is advertising and everybody is trying to get people in the door,” Borrell said. Specifically, he anticipates significant growth in radio. “Some of the early data we have shows a doubling of messaging on radio” over the next three to four months, he said.

Data from Borrell Associates showed a 10-point jump (up to 54% from 44% in March) in the number of local advertisers who plan to maintain or increase spending. In a webinar on crisis marketing that featured Borrell and Executive Vice President of Local Market Intelligence Corey Elliott, Elliott said, “The initial shock is over.”

As businesses begin to reopen, marketers are realizing they need to communicate with their customers. Advertisers will want to let their customers know that they’re open for business and, if necessary, that they are COVID-19 compliant. As always, discounts and promotions can help attract new and returning customers. 

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