Radio and Podcast: Mediums advertisers can count on

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SMI Staff

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Thursday, Jan 03
Woman in car pushing radio buttons

Want to make the most of your advertising budget in 2019? Strategize for success by adding audio to your marketing mix.

In the rapidly shifting landscape of media, one thing remains constant: Radio is the number #1 reach medium, reaching 92% of Americans each week. Radio listeners tune in on average for about one hour and 45 minutes each day, a figure that held steady for four quarters.

The moral of the story? If you want your campaign to reach 92% of American adults—and do so consistently—choose radio.

If terrestrial radio is already part of your advertising strategy, consider augmenting it with other forms of audio advertising, such as podcasting. Podcast audiences continue to grow, and host-endorsed ads offer a unique opportunity to appeal to audiences through a trusted voice.

To reach more listeners in more ways through audio, contact Strategic Media, Inc. today. Hit the ground running in 2019 with an improved audio strategy specifically designed to help you grow your brand.

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