Radio Delivers Impressive Web Lift

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Thursday, Feb 25
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A case study by Katz Radio Group and attribution provider AnalyticOwl gives marketers one more reason to love radio: its effect on web lift. 

In 2020, a major consumer packaged goods company launched a local marketing campaign that used radio in the third and fourth quarters.

Katz and AnalyticOwl studied radio’s impact on web traffic for the CPG company and found that radio was a “massive driver of awareness and engagement,” with a “huge amount of web visitation occurring when the radio campaign kicked in.” The study showed radio drove an incremental 28% lift in web traffic to the CPG’s initiative sites over the two 4-week flights. 

Impressively, on-air days outperformed off-air days by more than 10,000%. Off-air days included the week prior to the campaigns starting, and weekends, which had no spots running.

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