Radio Listeners Are Ready to Spend

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Thursday, May 14

If you want your marketing to get results, creating effective messaging is only half of the battle. That messaging must also reach audiences who are interested in your product or service and are ready to make a purchase. Reaching those audiences, a recent Nielsen survey suggests, may be as simple as advertising on radio.

As Inside Radio reports, “heavy radio listeners are key to driving commerce and supporting the economy.” A Nielsen survey of 1,000 persons aged 18+, conducted from April 30-May 2, found nearly two thirds (63%) of respondents say they plan to resume normal activities next month. But heavy radio listeners are more likely to go out and shop once COVID-19 eases in their market.

The survey identified three distinct groups, with roughly 1/3 of respondents in each category: 

  • A “wait and see” group that isn’t ready to resume most normal activities and doesn’t believe their community is safer than it was a month ago,

  • A “proceed with caution” segment carefully preparing to resume some (but not all) normal activities next month,

  • And a “ready to go” group that feels things are safer than a month ago and intends to resume most normal activities in the next month.

The “ready to go” group has a profile that’s attractive to advertisers—particularly audio advertisers. People in this category are more likely to be 25- to 54-year-olds who work outside the home and earn $100,000 or more. They have kids aged 2-11 in their household and have spent time in a car in the last day. They’re also heavy radio listeners and are ready to spend.

According to the survey, the “ready to go” group is:

  • 67% more likely to go to a car or truck dealership,

  • 67% more likely to spend money on travel,

  • 50% more prone to go to a bar,

  • 47% more likely to spend on household services,

  • 43% more likely to invest in home improvement,

  • 38% more likely to go to a movie theater, and

  • At least 20% more likely to hit the gym, shop for things other than groceries, and make major purchases like appliances and electronics.

When COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, heavy radio listeners are ready to spend across a range of consumer categories. If you’re ready for them to hear your brand’s message, contact SMI today.

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