Radio Listeners Are Receptive to Radio Ads, Study Finds

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Liz Iversen

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Tuesday, Apr 20
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A new study from Edison Research and National Public Radio shows that the majority of radio listeners are receptive to radio ads. The study, “Radio: Live on Air and Everywhere,” found that most people believe ads are a fair tradeoff for their listening time, and 46% say they have considered a new company, product, or service after hearing an ad on the radio. NPR listeners in particular are very open to receiving sponsorship messages.

The Edison/NPR study identified six types of radio listeners, each driven to the medium for different reasons:

  • Radio Heads (9% of radio listeners) Listen for all audio needs; listen to the most radio
  • Connection Seekers (16% of radio listeners) Listen for company and connection
  • Infomaniacs (18% of radio listeners) Listen to consume news and information
  • Rhythm Rockers (27% of radio listeners) Listen to consume music
  • Laidback Listeners (17% of radio listeners) Listen to radio in the background
  • Habitualists (13% of radio listeners) Listen to radio when it is the only option available

According to the study, AM/FM radio listeners are more engaged with ads on radio and podcasts than ads on TV or social media. Additionally, the heaviest users of radio are also the most open to its advertising messages. The two groups that spend the most time with radio (the “Radio Heads” and “Connection Seekers”) are the least likely to avoid ads or sponsorship messages on AM/FM radio.

As Inside Radio reported, “Although often eclipsed in the media by other audio platforms, AM/FM radio commands 41% of all time spent listening to audio by those in the U.S. age 18+, the study shows. Even with the growth in available online audio and other options, this new research finds that 33% of AM/FM radio listeners say the platform is becoming a more important part of their lives.”

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