Radio Listening Reaches Highest Level in 16 Months

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Thursday, Aug 12
Man With Watch On Wrist Drives A Car
AM/FM Radio listening has reached its highest level in 16 months across Nielsen’s PPM markets. Data suggests the increase is likely due to people getting out of their homes and into their cars. 

According to Nielsen’s latest Audio Today Report, two-thirds of employed Americans are working outside the home, a 70% increase since the height of pandemic lockdowns in spring 2020. And 40% of heavy radio listeners listen in the car, compared to 28% in April 2020. 

Nielsen found that radio listeners are 87% more likely to shop for groceries in a store, 83% more likely to drive in their vehicle, and 62% more likely to get together in person with friends and family than the average adult.

“Not only are radio listeners the leading optimists among us, they’ve also remained more active (and more mobile) throughout the pandemic,” Nielsen Audio Managing Director Brad Kelly said in the report. “They are ready to go and ready to spend; more likely to make major purchases like a house or a new car, as well as across a host of local shopping categories.”

Radio remains America’s top weekly reach medium, and its ability to reach people in their cars who are close to making a purchase makes it a mighty force for advertisers. 

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