Radio Makes The Deepest Link to Emotion, Study Finds

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Jeremy Glass & Kristy Martino

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Wednesday, Apr 03
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Direct Response advertising means exactly that; the creation and execution of sharply focused ads that elicit an immediate action. A successful branding campaign comes down to the deep emotional connection consumers have with the product.

While the effectiveness of emotion in advertising is a well-researched topic, a recent report released by Mediaprobe demonstrated the massive role emotion plays in the success of radio.

In a study measuring the second-by-second electrodermal activity (EDA) of 227 adults with pre-recorded AM/FM segments, Mediaprobe found audio-based emotional advertising saw a 13% spike in audience engagement when compared to TV.

The number of ads your average American sees on a daily basis is a bit up in the air, but generally sits around the 5,000 range. That’s a lot of content. Cutting through the noise with content that connects usually comes down to a pretty simple notion: solving a problem. By acknowledging pain points, offering solutions, and eliciting emotion—you can tap into both the conscious and subconscious needs and desires of an audience. This is the alchemy of conversion.

So, what does emotion look like from a creative standpoint? How does SMI turn a talking point from a white paper brief into an ad that successfully hits that part in the brain that warrants action?

It’s an all-hands-on-deck attitude from the very beginning: our media team finds your audience on the right formats, our analytics team optimizes all the moving pieces in real time, and our creative team sharpens your message to the heart of what your audience needs.

Mediaprobe’s study solidified, not only, the success of emotion in driving decision-making, but radio’s continued role in making those messages come alive through the medium of storytelling.

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