Radio’s New Multi-Faceted Approach to Branding

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Tuesday, Sep 29

As radio settles into its role as a source of comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic, the tone of radio may be shifting. There may be “less shtick for a while and a little more humanity,” Brian Philips, the Cumulus Media Executive VP of Content and Audience, said during the virtual Morning Show Boot Camp.

In the past, many radio personalities emulated talent who came before them. But in today’s economic climate, with limited jobs available due to layoffs and furloughs, radio hosts need to become more multi-faceted, said Thea Mitchem, Executive VP of Programming at iHeartMedia. She recommended air talent amplify their brand by expanding into podcasting, digital, social media, and other platforms. 

Radio hosts should view themselves as entrepreneurs and think of innovative ways to deliver content and partner with advertisers, said talent agent Paul Anderson, CEO of Workhouse Media. “If ever there was a time to deploy your creativity to help innovate and create new opportunities for advertisers… to think out of the box and do something new, this is the time to do that,” Anderson said. 

We’ve watched radio evolve over the years, and its next chapter will be an exciting one. At SMI, we too, see the value in a multi-faceted approach to branding. We encourage our clients to explore the many avenues of audio, including podcasting, broadcast radio, streaming and satellite. To learn more about how your brand can utilize the diverse powers of radio to amplify your brand, contact SMI today.

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