Reach High-Income Consumers Who Buy Green with Radio

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Liz Iversen

Published On

Tuesday, Nov 24
man listening to radio in car

Radio is an important medium for environmentally conscious consumers—especially those with high incomes.

As Inside Radio reports, adults aged 18–44 with incomes of $75K+ who regularly buy green listen to 60 minutes of radio daily, slightly more than all adults 18–44 who buy green regularly. Consumers with incomes of $50K or less don’t listen to quite as much radio but are still a significant audience.

This is according to The Media Audit’s 2020 60-Market Aggregate Report, which concluded, “Radio is an excellent medium for brands and retailers to share messages about their environmental/sustainability efforts with younger adults and especially those with larger incomes and, thus, bigger spenders.”

If you’re looking for ways to reach your target audience and generate qualified leads, don’t overlook the power of radio—both terrestrial and satellite.

Jared Kulaga, Network Media Buyer at SMI, said, “We have consistently found Sirius XM listeners to be an efficient and effective source for our clients, particularly those with high-ticket items or services. It is a tremendous resource for the Business-to-Business sector and reaching college-educated decision-makers with high household incomes.”

For help getting a commercial on the radio to connect your brand with qualified listeners, contact SMI today.

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