Reach & Responsivity: A Strategic Media Mix

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SMI Staff

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Monday, Jun 04

In a recent article, InsideRadio reports that, despite SiriusXM’s impressive audience of 33 million subscribers, its ad-supported channels reach only 4% of people over 18 daily. Due to its narrow reach, the article argues, SiriusXM “offers little for advertisers.” Based on the results we track every day, we would challenge this statement. A broader perspective reveals that the listeners of SiriusXM make it a vital and valuable component to most audio campaigns.

While it is true that AM/FM radio’s reach eclipses all other audio channels, with 93% of Americans listening every week, the success of an advertising campaign depends not only on the extent of its reach, but also on the quality of its audience. Although SiriusXM’s audience includes a small percentage of the general population, its audience is responsive, generating qualified leads and profitable customers.

Strategic Media, Inc. recognizes the importance of maintaining the right type of media mix when crafting a radio advertising campaign. A variety of streaming and broadcast media outlets can help build your brand and elicit direct response by ensuring the greatest possible reach and the most receptive audience for your product.

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