Should your CEO Be the Voice of Your Brand?

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Tuesday, Sep 03
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We’ve all heard it—the monotone radio spot voiced by the company’s founder. And if you’re the average adult who listens to over 12 hours of radio per week, you’ve probably heard it over… and over… and over.

But not all founder’s spots fall flat. In our experience, there are a few creative best practices that can help your founder succeed where others have failed. If you’re thinking about incorporating your founder or CEO into your company’s radio branding, here are a few radio production and ad copy tips to help you determine who should be the voice of your brand.

Find the right angle

Does your founder have a compelling backstory? Why did he or she start the company, and how does this mission benefit the listener? If your founder’s goal is to provide a product or service that he believes will improve the lives of its consumers, this passion could be the basis for writing a great radio ad.

Coach for Charisma

Be honest, does your CEO have a voice that will capture and maintain attention on radio? Your founder may be able to command attention in a meeting, but on the radio it’s a different ballgame. Does he/she sound personable, likeable, someone the audience can trust? If she is not naturally charismatic, would she take direction well in the studio? How much coaching would be required to get the tone that expresses your brand? These points should all be considered during creative development. Presentation is everything on radio, and failing to create a compelling delivery will make even the best copy flop.

Produce Professionally

Does your CEO have access to a recording studio and the time necessary for a studio recording session? While technology has come a long way, don’t be fooled into thinking your laptop microphone or cell phone voice memo will cut it on the airwaves. Getting high quality recordings will ensure the audio your potential customer hears is properly reflecting on the quality of your brand.

Founder, Not Announcer

When producing a founder’s spot, it’s important that the founder not be simply the voice of the announcer. The founder should be presented as an interesting person with a compelling story. If your ad is a direct response ad that will require a call-to-action, opt for an announcer read of the CTA. Asking the founder to pull double-duty as both himself and the announcer can result in an awkward delivery that will erode credibility and trust.

Step Outside the Box

A founder’s spot does not need to be simple and straightforward. If your CEO has a unique or fun personality, let it show. Highlighting what makes your CEO and company special will help your brand stand out from the crowd.

With the right story, a charismatic delivery, professionally-recorded audio, an announcer-read CTA, and willingness to explore a variety of approaches, your founder’s spot will be a cut above the rest.

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