SMI Attends PDMI West Conference

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SMI Staff

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Tuesday, Oct 29

Last week, my colleagues and I attended the PDMI West conference in San Diego.

The Performance-Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) leads the performance-driven and direct-to-consumer marketing world—through networking, education, advocacy, and marketing. 

The conference is an opportunity for performance driven markets–both direct response and brand response–to get together, network, learn about recent trends and attend educational sessions.

It was the third event for PDMI, marking their first full year and if their trend of ever-improving conferences continues, you can sign us up for years to come! 

Among the highlights this year were the dynamic education sessions. One of our favorite sessions–and by the looks of the standing-room only crowd, one of the most popular–was titled “Influencers and the Power of Sound.” 

Speakers included Bobby Bones from the Bobby Bones Show and Dan Metter and David Shiffman from iHeart/Premiere Networks. They discussed the importance of finding the right match when looking for an influencer or podcast  host to endorse your product. The relationship between company and the host is more valuable than many people realize. Listeners can tell when a podcast or radio program host is being genuine, and that connection helps sell products.

This idea is not something new to us at Strategic Media, but it’s always good to be hear the experts express that what you’re already doing is considered best practice. When every client you work with can track results daily, you’d better make sure you’re paying attention to every detail–and that includes finding the right fit to endorse your product on their podcast. 

Call SMI today to learn more about how we can help find the right voice for your brand.

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